What's best for Texas should be determined by Texans.

Too many politicians get elected by saying the right things but their votes, once in office, show that they betray the voters. In a Republican legislature, how could getting porn out of Texas school libraries be a fight? And yet, it was exactly what it was. Only 6% of our Republican priority bills made it to the governor's desk. We didn't secure the border, strengthen election integrity, or keep DC from influencing how we manage Texas.

I believe that we should be putting Texans first. That means protecting our wallets, protecting our border, and protecting our families.

Here's where I stand on the issues that matter to you:

Secure the Border: If you've seen the movie, Sound of Freedom, you know that human trafficking is a huge problem. The Federal Government encourages an unprecedented number of foreigners to enter our nation illegally. Many women and children who cross our borders are the victims of human trafficking. There is no excuse for not securing our border.

Education: Children belong to parents, not to the government. I support the parents' right to choose the place and type of education that they feel is best for their child. I support all types of alternative education including home schooling, private schooling, etc. At the same time, many of our public schools suffer from overly burdensome regulations mandated by the Texas legislature and enforced by the TEA. I am for completely abolishing the TEA and allowing local schools to be run completely by their locally elected school boards.

Protecting Our Families: The LGBTQ faction has declared war on American families. They have no way to reproduce on their own - so I believe them when they say that they are coming for our children. I support blocking funds from going to any hospital that recommends social transitions or performs transition surgeries for adults and children. I would have supported the Tinderholt Amendment to HB 1898, which would have done just that.

Protect & Strengthen the Economy: The Federal Government is completely out of control wants to implement a central bank digital currency, which will allow the government to control how you spend every dollar. We must resist any attempt to implement this cashless system. We must fight for energy independence and economic strength. I would have heartily pushed early for HB 4903, a Republican bill that would have allowed Texans to use the Texas gold depository to secure their financial assets.

Work to Eliminate Property Taxes: It is immoral for any government to be able to take your home from you. For that reason, I wholeheartedly support any effort to eliminate property taxes. This past session, the Texas legislature increased spending by almosy a third. That $72 billion increase comes to $2,400 per Texan citizen. There is no permanent property tax relief when there is record, reckless spending. That's not how you or I would manage our family budget at time of Bidenomics inflation. If you have a family of four, you don't have an extra $10,000 to give to Texas. The only way to reduce and eliminate property taxes is by freezing or actually cutting spending. Your home and peace of mind should never be threated with tax forfeiture.

Reduce Crime: We had an attorney general who fought a weaponized federal government, and our Texas Republicans decided that now was the time to take that fighter off the front lines and impeach him in a rushed process without the ability to question witnesses. We have Soros-funded DA's in our largest cities who let criminals out of jail - but we didn't go after them. We need to implement the right priorities in our House of Representatives to put Texans first and not a Biden-approved political agenda.

Keep the Federal Government Out of Texas: The Federal Government is completely out of control. The FBI and IRS are targeting Conservatives and labeling them as "enemies of democracy". The ATF is changing rules without consulting Congress, resulting in millions of law abiding citizens effectively committing felonies overnight and FFL licenses being revoked at historic rates. EPA mandates have no business in Texas. The federal government is unceasingly printing money without any backing, resulting in the highest inflation this country has had in a century. As a state, we must reign in the influence of the Federal Government on our fellow citizens. Federal police and regulatory agencies must be thrown out of our state.

Pro-freedom / Anti Communism: What do BLM, Antifa, climate change, and the democrat party all have in common? Why do we see banners of "LGBTQ for Palestine" when those very people would be thrown off a building in Palestine? They are all different wings and factions of the communist party in America that is currently pushing and in the incipient stages of an American communist revolution.

I am unapologetically anti-communist. The Democratic party of our grandparents' generation no longer exists. DEI initiatives are designed to divide our citizens based on race and sexual orientation. The agenda of the climate change death cult if implemented would result in billions of death the world over. The LGBTQ agenda has the goal of destroying American families. BLM is setting about to completely destroy and erase our history. Elected Democrats are anti-human advocates, seeking to acquire more power and influence, no matter the cost. They want to take away our right to bear arms so they have the freedom to hurt us. I am for stopping these Communists in any way possible. Republicans have been attempting to play defense against communism for years, but we've never played offense. We have been steadily losing ground. Democrats are striving to create a tyrannical government where individual freedoms no longer exist. They have contempt for your life, liberty, and property. All of my core beliefs can be summarized in this... we must stop the Communists from taking over our state. We must return to individual, God-given rights to life, liberty, and property. All laws passed by any governmental entity should be aimed at preserving these natural, inalienable rights.

If all of this sounds right to you, then I ask for your vote.